Fierce competition, hard work and long hours – graduating is not easy!  The good news is International Medical Relief can help.

Through a tailored combination of mentoring, observation, and tutorial, International Medical Relief’s clinic-based medical mission trips offer a unique insight for students into the rewards and demands of a future career. We’ll help you develop a better understanding of myriad global healthcare issues, narrow your scope of interest, and provide you an edge when it comes to university or medical school applications.

If you’re a current or aspiring health-related student looking to gain experience or insight into global health, International Medical Relief provides the opportunity to shadow providers and gain experience in patient care under the direct supervision of licensed medical professionals.  Our programs take you behind the scenes of your future career and help you form a mature understanding of your passion for healthcare, insights that will translate well for your school applications and interviews.

These missions are short-term, ideal for a gap break, which is especially great if you don’t have a full semester or year to dedicate to studying abroad.




A medical mission with IMR will expand your boundaries and transform the world into your classroom. IMR works with universities across the country to help both medical and non-medical students participate in our medical mission trips.  Additionally, IMR sends classes of students on single medical mission trips.

Students interested in pursuing a medical career have found their medics experience in the field with IMR to be of enormous value in supplementing their education. Volunteers will gain 80-110 clinical hours on each trip.  Being able to shadow providers while having direct patient interaction and opportunities for hands-on patient assessments are the keys to our student opportunities.

IMR student volunteers are heavily involved in the running our clinic operations, as they also assist in pharmacy, patient intake, clinic triage, provider-patient care, and direct patient education on preventative and community health topics. IMR will assist you in planning your academic credit transfer, as well as provide an epic letter of recommendation for your portfolio upon satisfactory completion of your clinic!

These days, having stellar grades isn’t enough to make you stand out in a crowd of potential candidates. If you are looking to make your application more unique, adding international experience to your resume is a definite plus.  Grad schools and organizations will be impressed that you were able to fit in a medical mission with your packed schedule. But more importantly, your mission abroad demonstrates that you have interests beyond the classroom and that you have actively pursued those interests with dedication and heart.


Our clinic-based trips are designed to help you understand the realities of life as a medical professional. You’ll spend your time with medical professionals who will mentor you in this real clinical environment. You will be able to conduct medical services under the guidance of our medical staff.  We provide one-on-one patient to student interaction.

One day you might be shadowing in pediatrics as a doctor conducts a procedure, the next you might assisting a nurse practitioner with burn injuries; we’ll place you in every department necessary to run a clinic: intake, vitals, triage, treatment, diagnosis, pharmaceutical instruction, and community education. IMR matches your interests and specialities to maximize your opportunity.

Whether you have already completed your gen eds out or not, you can easily gain real life experience in the medical field by participating in a medical mission trip with IMR.  Your experience will be crafted to enhance your level of skill.

Whether it’s shadowing a doctor in South America, or participating in healthcare outreach in Asia, or helping to treat infectious diseases in Africa, these trips are designed to get you both global experience and medical experience.


As the world becomes more interconnected, it is increasingly important to improve our abilities to listen and understand those dissimilar to us.This concept is especially crucial in the fields of public health and healthcare where practitioners help people from all walks of life and are likely to be working alongside team members from a variety of backgrounds.

As someone who is looking to go into a career in medicine, it will help you to practice these skills early on while working on a short-term mission abroad.


You have faced lengthy prerequisites and intense coursework to get to where you are. It’s tough not to get burnt out after four years of intense study.

Unplug.  School experience and learning is subject-based.  While important, it does not provide the hands-on, real life medics experience that connects you with people that can be healed by the services that you provide.  There’s something deeply rejuvenating about saving a life that ignites the desire to do the work necessary to continue your lifelong work.

Balance academics and adventure.  Avoid burnout by discovering the difference you can make in other people’s lives through International Medical Relief’s volunteer gap program. Provide critical assistance with IMR, and be reminded of why you chose this field to begin with.  With these discoveries, you will return feeling rejuvenated, academically motivated, and excited about your future.

IMR’s All-Inclusive Experience


Travel with ease as IMR caters all of your arrangements from choosing your destination through your journey’s conclusion. Your experience includes transportation, in-country lodging and meals, and all ground logistics.  Clinics are fully stocked with supplies, medicines, and diagnostic equipment for the team’s utilization.  The teams are led by seasoned team leaders with vast international humanitarian experience and medical backgrounds.

Our number one priority is that you are comfortable, safe, and secure during your time with us. To help put your mind at ease, all of our missions are friendly patient communities that welcome you with open arms. Parents and family members are always welcome to participate in all of our pre-field training and conference calls.  IMR’s around-the-clock staff are just a phone call away for emergencies while you are abroad.  We are always standing by to make this the best experience of your life.

Take the first step towards this life changing experience. New friends, new cultures, new skills, and memories await.  As you read this, our staff are battling out for the privilege of being your very own mentor and guide.  We know you are excited, so why not get started on your application today?  Click here to start your epic journey with IMR!


Trip Scholarships Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that we are offering $200 scholarships to select undergraduate, graduate, and high school students to help reduce the cost of an IMR medical mission trip.  Please contact our office at 970-635-0110 or for more information and to request an application.

Emma’s Story

After 30 hours of travel in a car, a bus, two planes, and a van, we arrived at our home for the next week. With 22 full grown adults being stuffed in a van that was supposed to seat 15, our team quickly learned that the Haitian way was not the same way as the American way. Hundreds of patients were already lined up outside the house before we had even unloaded the gear, so we skipped putting on our scrubs and began triage, which was both physically and mentally exhausting. Read More »