Volunteer Resources


We’re so happy to have you traveling with us. This page includes many of the resources our volunteers need to prepare for their trip with IMR. Please make sure you read all the documents and participate in the conference calls. If you can’t participate live, you will find links to each call on this page so that you can listen when it bests suit your schedule. Some of the information is time-sensitive, so make sure you have kept up with the emails you receive from us and ask questions if something is not clear. You will also find information specific to your team here, including cultural and public health information.

In addition to the information found on this page, your team will have a departure call to go over details of your trip and provide you with a final Q and A session. This call will be held two to three weeks prior to your departure and will be scheduled by our office via email. You can always reach us at admin@imrus.org or 970-635-0110.  

We look forward to working with you as you prepare for your trip and hearing great stories upon your return!

Know where you need to go? Here are some quick links:

Can’t see the Team Guide flipbook? Download the PDF here

It was impossible for me to come home untouched by what I saw. I have fulfilled a mission that I set out to complete when I started medical school. I have made a difference, maybe only a small one, in the lives of people so far away and yet so similar to the friends and family I left at home. These experiences and the emotions they carry with them will remain with me forever.
Dr. Craig – Team China Volunteer

Conference Calls 

If you are unable to attend one of our required conference calls, recorded versions are included below.

Welcome Call: Learn more about IMR and your trip. Calls are the first Tuesday of every month at 11:00am and 6:30pm Mountain Time. Call 970-635-0110, press 9, then press 1 to join the call.

Clinic Operations/Provider Guidelines Call: Calls are the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm Mountain Time. Call 970-635-0110, press 9, then press 1 to join the call.


Welcome Call

Introduction to IMR and Q & A for all teams
(46 Minutes)


Clinic Operations/Provider Guidelines Call

(1Hour 43 Minutes)

These villagers are amazing people. They are so happy to see us for even a minor treatment some might take for granted. Something as simple as holding a pregnant woman’s baby for her so she can see the doctor without distraction makes a world of difference for them. Our hosts and translators are some of the most amazing people.
Josh – Team Rwanda Volunteer
AMAZING day. I step off the boat to walk to clinic and a man from the village stops me. He wanted to tell me thanks for being there and how much us (IMR) being there means to the community. He and many other people were so grateful. This is why I am here. This is why I do what I do. I will never forget today.
Christina – Team Nicaragua Volunteer
Words can’t express my gratitude for this unforgettable experience, my incredible team members who are now great friends, the immense knowledge I gained, and the generous love constantly poured out to us by these people despite their material poverty. Here’s to the first of hopefully many more successful medical mission trips! Namaste, India!
Amanda – Team India Volunteer

General Trip Information

It was an eye-opening experience at many levels, but at the heart of it all was the enthusiasm, generosity, and love of all those I volunteered with. I look forward to future service trips around the world with International Medical Relief.
Dr. Amina – Team Peru Volunteer
I can only hope that my being here on this mission has brought them as much comfort, happiness, and blessings that their allowing me to care for them has brought to me.
Donna – Team Senegal Volunteer
My IMR trips to both Cambodia and Madagascar influenced my pre-dental experience more than I could have ever imagined. I was able to assist with dental patients who had health issues that I would never see in the U.S. and I truly felt as if I was making a difference in their lives. The hands-on experience that I got during these trips was not only more than I would have gotten as an average undergraduate student, but now as a second year dental student I can still recount some of the images of patients with conditions that my peers may never see in their lifetime. IMR sparked a love for giving back to the community that I am absolutely positive will continue throughout my career! (2016)
Cara Kennedy, University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine, class of 2019

Community Education Class Information

Your mission in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart to it. I am so thankful and blessed to have learned from the most gentle and loving tribe members who have taught me the most valuable lessons in life. To appreciate all that you have. Don’t take anything for granted. And that patience and love are universal languages.
Kim – Team Thailand Volunteer
An older gentleman slowly shuffles over and sits down in front of me with his walking staff and his traditional white priest robe. He clutches a small ratty prayer book in his hands and motions to his eyes and shakes the prayer book at me. Without even the assistance of the translator I realize his goal: to be able to read his daily prayers. I take out my pen light and see his eyes are clouded over with cataracts but I have a small solution. I reach into my bag of donated $3 reading glasses and pick out the last pair: bright red ones. I put them on his face and he looks down at the words in his tattered book and tears start to stream down his face. Michelene, RN – Team Ethiopia 2017