Volunteers of All Backgrounds are Welcome on Trips with IMR

Medical and Dental Professionals

We encourage qualified healthcare professionals to apply to join one of our trips. For each trip, clinic days are designed and patients are selected based in part on the specialties of team members. IMR provides all arrangements for our overseas medical volunteers. We encourage all medical and dental professionals to apply, including physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse, nurse midwife, dentist, hygienist, dental assistant, paramedic, pharmacist, EMT, physical therapist, public health professional, laboratory technician, nutritionist, and  any other healthcare workers.

If you are seeking a volunteer opportunity like no other, our global health programs are designed and customized according to the specialties on the team.  If you are an otolaryngologist, OBGYN, orthopedist, dermatologist, pediatrician, family practice, sports medicine, geriatrics, internal medicine, emergency medicine, allergist, immunologist, ophthalmologist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, osteopathic doctor, internist, or other medical specialist, we can put your specialty to use and have you see patients in need of your expertise.

Each medical clinic is unique. There are variances with the medical skill set in each team, the patients that come to clinic, recent health outbreaks that may be affecting communities, and numerous other conditions that could be a factor. Keeping in mind that each experience is different, IMR strives to bring continuity to our program and what we offer to our communities.

Learn more about the specific roles our volunteers play during IMR clinics.

Non-Medical Volunteers

We encourage volunteers who are not healthcare professionals to join our trips to assist our overseas medical clinic teams. Non-medical volunteers assist throughout every aspect of clinic and can gain a true perspective of learning and working. Every job is as important as the other – the clinics function well because of the variety of everyone’s skills, coming together for this great cause. Some of the roles for non-medical volunteers include:

Community Education Class Trainer – Each volunteer actively participates in the overall community health program where they engage in activities with the local communities to help them to learn about a myriad of topics including basic first aid, CPR, infectious diseases, and other healthy community topics.

Community Education Class Director – Community education classes run throughout the clinic. One volunteer is designated to assist with organizing the schedule of classes and bringing the people in the community together with the volunteers for a successful program.

Interpreter – A vital volunteer role is the role of interpreter. Many volunteers that participate do so because of their foreign language skills. Interpreters are particularly needed on all of our global health trips abroad.

Trip Historian – Another favorite job is capturing the beautiful stories of the people through photography and writing down the memories for the team.

Learn more about being a non-medical volunteer on a trip with IMR.

volunteer nurse examining child on others lap at medical clinic

medical vlolunteer holding young burn victim at medical clinic

nurse and teenage girl hugging at clinic